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Title: Violet Artist: Deafheaven 138 plays

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Title: Corona and Lime Artist: Shwayze 959 plays


Corona and Lime- Shwayze 

Girls from New York look like giraffes, 
Long neck long legs tiny tits and ass
Girls from L.A. rock oversized shades and chill all day cuz they already paid
Girls in Miami, street bikini’s bump 
Techno by dj tiesto
Girls from Detroit like electro, 
and dance all night til’ they break they neck yo


Clear your mind here

I’ve had plenty of friendships come and go. Sometimes we grow apart, most times it’s been my fault. I’m not always the most available person, and sometimes I’d rather sit in my room and listen to music. But this time, I tried really hard to keep it going. And now I’m being shut out and I don’t know why. And it really hurts.

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Taro — Alt-J

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